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NIC @ University of Newcastle (03293B)

NIC @ University of Newcastle (03293B)

NIC is your pathway to a degree at the University of Newcastle

NIC is proud to work in partnership with the University of Newcastle, offering a range of programs that prepare students for success in their degree studies and help them to achieve their career objectives and personal goals.

The Foundation Program leads to Year One of University of Newcastle undergraduate degrees. NIC also offers Diploma programs which are equivalent to Year One of a Bachelor degree. 

The College is centrally located on the main university campus, ensuring students are an integral part of the university community with easy access to an exceptional range of services and facilities.

NIC offers a specialised and supportive learning environment with small class sizes and extra care and assistance when needed. We have a friendly and committed team of academic and support staff dedicated to helping students realise their full potential.

Why choose NIC?

  • Fast-track degree pathway into one of Australia's best universities.
  • Complete your bachelor's degree in 2 years, 8 months (instead of 3 years).
  • Small class sizes mean more personal attention from lecturers.
  • Excellent study location: state-of-the-art university campus.
  • Wide range of career options and very high graduate employment rate.

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