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Accommodation in the USA

Where you decide to live is a very important decision as you will be living here for the duration of your course.  Choose somewhere where you are going to be happy. There are a number of options when it comes to deciding where you will live when you are living and studying in the United States.
Once you have accepted your offer Admissions will send you a "pre-departure orientation" packet. This will give you options on where to live while you are studying

Halls of residence
Most universities provide their own accommodation for students.  These are usually based on campus or very close by.  These can be en-suite rooms or a room with shared facilities. Most universities have a variety of good value meal plans. They are usually overseen by a resident member of the university to ensure the welfare and safety of the students.

House share
Many students reside in properties owned by private landlords. You will have your own room, but will be sharing the kitchen and, usually, bathroom. You will usually split all bills with the other students. You will be responsible for your own cooking. The universities usually have a list of approved properties and can help you find somewhere to live.

Homestay allows you to rent a room from a local family near to where you are studying.  This helps you learn the local lifestyle and language.  You would normally live, eat and share the majority of your time with your host family. Usually all meals, bills and laundry are included. Your university will have a list of approved families.

It is advisable to apply for your accommodation as soon as you have chosen your university.  Demand for accommodation is very high and availability of on-campus accommodation, (if available) can not be guaranteed.