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Canadian Food and Culture

A big concern for many of our students is whether they will ‘survive’ the culture and lack of their traditional food availability in Canada. Rest assured Canada is a very diverse country and you are bound to find restaurants that cater for your local cuisine and/or get together with others from your countries and cook together. However a big part of studying Canada is all about learning the culture and joining into the Canadian way of life. Canadian food varies depending on the region. English Canada food is closely related to British and American cuisine, while the Quebec and French Canada has developed from French cuisine. Both groups based their basics on seasonal, fresh ingredients.  They eat baked foods and wild game features quite heavily.
The Western Provinces are influenced by German, Ukrainian, Polish, and Scandinavian cuisine.

The Arctic and the Canadian Territories also like wild game and use Inuit and First Nations cooking methods. British Columbia, Newfoundland and the Maritime provinces mainly eat British and Irish cooking, with a liking for salt-cured fish, beef, and pork.

Most students learn to get together and cook in their years at university. This is by far the cheapest and most economical way to get through your studies. The universities we work with have a diverse range of nationalities and as such you are bound to find others from your country or region that you can get together with. Larger cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, etc have a good selection of Kenyan, Nigeria, Ghanaian and Pakistani food outlets and restaurants