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Nigeria - Australia & USA Branch

Nigeria - Australia & USA Branch

BCIE Ltd now has a separate branch office that deals with the non UK universities that it represents - in particular Australia and the USA

The BCIE - Lagos Australia and USA office deals with all non-UK universities and our new premises are located at Adeniyi Jones Avenue, a renowned residential and commercial area in Ikeja, Lagos which caters for the elite.

The area boasts office complexes and beautiful residential buildings and lies within close proximity to major points in Ikeja; Ellen Avenue and Ikeja City Mall.

BCIE Ltd specialises in placing students in Australia and the USA. Our staff will give you specialist knowledge in these study destinations and help guide you to pick the best Universities in these locations.

The USA is a huge choice for students but there are over 300+ universities. How then does a student choose correctly? Indeed the wrong choice could result in a worthless degree. BCIE Ltd only works with the most reputable of institutions putting your mind at rest about the quality of degree.

Australia is a growing study destination and very attractive to a lot of our Nigerian students recently, especially due to the two year work options after completion of degree.

Our staff boast a 95% visa success rate to both these study options.

BCIE Ltd also represents a handful of Canadian and Dubai institutions - talk to our staff today to get more details.


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BCIE Ltd. runs a number of bi-annual Edufairs (Ghana and Nigeria), Minifairs and Roadshows in Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan each year. Our fairs are the most well known, branded and advertised events in these markets. Our aim is to bring together students and universities from several Study Abroad destinations making it easier for our students to decide which country, course and university is right for them. Contact your local BCIE ltd. office to get more details about the latest events in your area.

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