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Experience shows that students who attempt to apply on their own find the whole process complicated, time-consuming and daunting.  The vast majority of all student visa applicants get visa refusals and such refusals will stay on your record at the Embassy.

This is where the visa expertise of the BCIE team can make all the difference – often turning those painful refusal letters into joyous student visas!

So how long does it take to obtain your visa? Each case is different, but the system now being operated by the American Embassy tends to rely very heavily on meticulous paperwork and all students are interviewed by the US Embassy. Putting such documentation together can take up to 2 or 3 months – but the good news is that the BCIE Visa Protocol Officers have been rigorously trained in helping you to prepare and submit such documentation.

Our visa specialists will help you to complete the visa application forms, advise you as to the bank statements you must normally provide and counsel you as to the sponsorship letters and other documentation that is so vital if your application is to be successful. We will also provide you with a vigorous mock interview in preparation for what you should expect at the US Embassy.

If for some reason you get a visa refusal after applying through BCIE, unlike other education agencies, BCIE does not close its doors to you. As long as we feel that you are genuine and still have a fighting chance then we will help you turn around the rejection.

We have a high success rate amongst student visa applications as long as you follow our advice throughout

Our statistics show that you are twice more likely to get a visa through BCIE’s help than on your own and our advice to students is that no matter how confident you feel

DO NOT attempt to go through this crucial step on your own! Contact us at BCIE first it may make all the difference.

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