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Studying in Australia

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International students today have a wide variety of destinations to choose from when trying to make a decision on where to pursue their studies. Studying abroad is a major investment and it is important for students to make an informed choice, based on facts. Australia is a choice destination for thousands of students, and below are some of the reasons that these students decide to study in the Australia:

  • Unique experience
    Studying in Australia promotes innovative, creative and independent thinking. You’ll learn to work as part of a team, to communicate effectively with others and to develop the practical skills and intellectual abilities you need for global success.
  • Value for money
    Tuition fees are internationally competitive which, combined with a low cost of living compared to other Western economies, represents good value for money
  • International reputation
    The Australian education system has a strong international reputation and is known for its effective structure and innovative policy developments. Many other countries, eager to improve their own education systems, turn to Australia for advice.
  • Great place to live
    Australia offers an attractive lifestyle that is safe, stable and friendly. It has a very diverse multicultural society means international students quickly feel at home. You will benefit from a quality education and a good standard of living
  • Post Study Work Visa
    Upon graduating with a degree from Australia students are now allowed to work on the Post Study work Visa scheme. Contact your local BCIE office for more detail on this.
  • Work once you graduate
    In certain cases there may be the opportunity for you to work in Australia if you have studied in a field in which you intend to work once you graduate. This is dependant if the related occupation is on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). The SOL is a list of skilled occupations that are in need in Australia.
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