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Life in the UK

Studying in the UK is not only a wonderful opportunity to benefit from a world-class education but also a chance to experience the country's vibrant culture.

Although the UK is relatively small in size, it offers a wealth of attractions. London is one of the most exciting and cosmopolitan cities in the UK and if you look beyond London you will find a nation as diverse as it is accessible and affordable.

UK cities and towns display a rich and varied historical and cultural heritage. For seaside splendour, you could head south to Brighton or the palm-fringed English Riviera, or west to the surfing culture of north Cornwall or Wales. Great civic centres, such as Cardiff, Belfast, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds offer some of the best nightclub scenes in Europe. Further north, Edinburgh beckons, with its blend of old-world architecture and up-to-the-minute arts, while Glasgow is one of the happening cities in the country.
Lifestyle and Leisure

The UK is a tolerant, democratic society, where different beliefs and political views are respected. In large cities, there are shops that sell every imaginable type of food from around the world, from halal meats and Asian vegetables and rice to Kosher desserts. Throughout the year, in different towns and cities, there is a succession of religious festivals celebrating various events in all world religions

If you are looking for a bit of UK culture why not visit one of the UK’s free galleries such as the National Portrait Gallery or the Tate Modern or one of the UK’s free museums such as the British Museum or the National Museum Cardiff.

Fancy an evening at the Theatre, why not check out London’s West End or the Edinburgh Festivals.

The UK is proud of its history.  Looking for a day out why not visit one of Britain’s top Heritage Sites like the Tower of London or Stonehenge
Further details can be found at:

If theme parks are more your thing then Britain is home to some of the biggest and best rides in Europe; Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach  are just two.
For a full list check out www.themeparks-uk.com

For further ideas of what Britain can offer the following websites will give you some inspiration:


London is one of the world most cosmopolitan shopping destinations in the world. Visit the world’s biggest shoe department at Selfridges or the remarkable iconic department store Harrods. Most large towns and cities have shopping centres.  Here you can find hundreds of stores, restaurants and cinemas in one place

In London visit Westfield. This is Europe’s largest inner-city shopping centre. And it’s not just London that can boast amazing shopping experiences
Birmingham has the Bullring with over 160 stores. Visit the Trafford Centre in Manchester with over 200 stores, including three department stores
In Liverpool’s there’s Liverpool One . Scotland’s Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow offers fabulous shopping in the city. Wales biggest and best fashion destination is in Cardiff, so take a trip to St David’s.


One thing the British like to talk about (other than the weather) is sport If you’re a football fanatic; whether you follow Manchester United or Arsenal, keep up to date with what’s going with the Football Associations website www.thefa.com/news. When the weather turns warmer tennis factors strongly and if you visit Wimbledon you must try some strawberries and cream, don’t forget your coat (it usually rains!) www.wimbledon.com. Is Cricket more your game how about a visit to Lords? www.lords.org


The UK is a world leader in the clubbing world. There is an enormous choice which covers just about every taste in music. Manchester and London remain the most famous for clubs in the UK, but every city and larger town offers a vibrant clubbing scene.

If you fancy seeing the latest blockbuster most large towns have a cinema, if you use you student ID most offer discounted prices.
Cineworld:  www.cineworld.co.uk
Odeon:  www.odeon.co.uk
Vue Cinemas:  www.myvue.com

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