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United Kingdom, Bedford

United Kingdom, Bedford

BCIE Ltd was established in 1998. It has offices in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Pakistan and produces the largest number of students from these regions that come into the UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Dubai annually. 

Today BCIE represents over 100 universities within its network spanning the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and Dubai and has 12 offices worldwide including; Nigeria (7), Ghana (1), Dubai (1), Pakistan (2) and UK (1) – employing more than 70 well qualified and experienced staff. 

Established for over 20 years BCIE has continued to expand rapidly and today we are one of the most well known, reliable and trustworthy agencies helping place students into British, Canadian, American, Australian and Dubai Universities. BCIE can today boast quality and professionalism both as to the numerous students it places abroad each year and the number of universities and colleges that trust us to represent them.

Our experienced staff have the expertise of many years experience and can help and guide you through the most difficult of admission or visa application cases. We recruite a large number of students in the UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Dubai and our offices can boast a 98% visa success rate with almost no visas refusals obtained as long as our advice is followed. We will be able to help you with any queries regarding the institution of your choice, course, location and visa counselling. We will provide you a speedy, prompt and up to date response wherever you are in the world.

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Lisa Ward
Assistant Regional Manager, 

Invoicing and University Liaison, UK
Email: uk@bcie.co.uk


Rachel Hall
Online Advertising Coordinator and Admin, UK
Email: enquiries@bcie.co.uk


Aurelija Klimaite
Finance, General enquiries and Admin, UK
Email: ukheadoffice@bcie.co.uk

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Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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BCIE Fairs & Events

Our fairs are 100% FREE! 

BCIE Ltd. runs a number of bi-annual Edufairs (Ghana and Nigeria), Minifairs and Roadshows in Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan each year. Our fairs are the most well known, branded and advertised events in these markets. Our aim is to bring together students and universities from several Study Abroad destinations making it easier for our students to decide which country, course and university is right for them. Contact your local BCIE ltd. office to get more details about the latest events in your area.