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Pakistan, Lahore

Pakistan, Lahore

After the successful response from Islamabad, BCIE opened a branch in the historical city of Lahore, the second largest city in the country also known as the HEART of Pakistan

After successful operations in UK, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, BCIE continued its success by starting its operations in Pakistan in 2010-11.

In order to set us apart, we have initiated a ‘No Fee’ counselling service in Pakistan for our students. We aim to provide free counselling, advice and services to the best of our capabilities. We want to be a whole ‘Career Centre’ for the student rather than just an admission and visa centre. Choosing the right university is one of the most important decisions in your life - and we will help you to make the right decision. Our staff are highly trained and experienced. We have offices based in central locations in Islamabad and Lahore, fully equipped to assist you throughout your application process. Our staff provide guidance on career paths, writing a personal statement and meeting requirements along with helping you choose a university and making an application to study on your behalf. They also help to keep you informed of the latest visa guidelines and news. Visa counselling is also provided free of cost at our offices. We are a UCAS Application Centre and we provide this service to undergraduate students at no extra cost.

Lahore office started its operations in March 2012, like Islamabad, BCIE considered the convenience of students and opened Lahore office on a very prime and approachable location of Gulberg.

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Additional Information

Pakistan Country Manager: 
Email: countrymanager_pk@bcie.co.uk

Lahore Office Manager
Email: manager_lahore@bcie.co.uk

Opening Times:
Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 11:00am - 4:00pm (by appointment only)


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BCIE Ltd. runs a number of bi-annual Edufairs (Ghana and Nigeria), Minifairs and Roadshows in Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan each year. Our fairs are the most well known, branded and advertised events in these markets. Our aim is to bring together students and universities from several Study Abroad destinations making it easier for our students to decide which country, course and university is right for them. Contact your local BCIE ltd. office to get more details about the latest events in your area.

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