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BCIE Virtual Edufair 2020

Join us for our 2020 Edufair where University Representatives from UK and Australian Universities will be visiting us online to offer information on a number of themes.

MBA & Management courses (1) • 16 November
Bournemouth University | University of South Wales | University of Sheffield | University of Wollongong
Business – Banking, Finance, HR • 17 November
Heriot-Watt University | Oxford International Education Group | Newcastle University
Oil & Gas courses and the impact in society • 18 November
Heriot-Watt University | Curtin University | University of Aberdeen | UNSW
Data Science, IT and Artificial Intelligence (1) • 19 November
Bournemouth University | University of Wollongong | UNSW | Swinburne University
Career opportunities in Health course • 20 November
Bournemouth University | University of Wollongong | Nottingham University | University of Aberdeen
Post study work options in the UK & Aus • 21 November
Heriot-Watt University | University of South Wales | UNSW | Newcastle University
MBA & Management courses (2) • 23 November
Nottingham University | Oxford International Education Group | Swinburne University | University of Chester
Data Science, IT and Artificial Intelligence (2) • 24 November
Newcastle University | Coventry University | Western Sydney University
Postgraduate courses in the UK • 25 November
University of Sheffield | Oxford International Education Group | University of Chester | University of South Wales
Studying in Australia • 26 November
Curtin University | University of Melbourne | Swinburne University | UNSW
Join an Australian Group of 8 University • 27 November
University of Melbourne | Monash University | UNSW
Engineering Courses in the UK and Australia • 30 November
Western Sydney University | Coventry University | University of Nottingham | Monash University

All events start at: 
• 12.30 Nigeria 
• 11.30 Ghana 
• 16.30 Pakistan 
• 11.30 UK 
• 15.30 Dubai 

Please join us for as many events as you like

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UK Universities attending are:

Australia Universities attending are:

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