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BCIE Ltd Peace of Mind Package (Aftercare Service)

So you've got your visa and you're are ready for a new adventure, how exciting! You may be feeling a little nervous too, studying in a foreign country can feel daunting. This is normal but will be nothing compared to what your parents are going through. Most parents never stop worrying about their children and seeing their son or daughter leave home can be a stressful time.

With this in mind BCIE Ltd has come up with a ‘PEACE of MIND’ scheme for students studying in UK universities to make this transition easier. The package will help prepare you to get to your study destination before you leave your home country.

‘Peace of Mind’ has been tried and tested by many parents and students so if you need a helping hand we are here to help.

BCIE Ltd can provide you with a 'ONE STOP SHOP' service from initial enquiry to getting to the UK!

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The package will include:

Student Accommodation:

It is not a very pleasant thought for the family that their son/daughter or family member will be going to a foreign country, most of the time – on their own! We can offer our students a service that allows them book their accommodation before they leave. Our accommodation is all outside the University campuses so would be cheaper in many cases and booked through an external provider.

BCIE Ltd can pay your deposit to secure your accommodation on your behalf.

Flight Ticket:

BCIE Ltd has teamed up with some well known travel companies. You will now be able to book your flights tickets as soon as you get your visa by coming to our offices directly.

Taxi Services:

BCIE Ltd can now help you book your taxi service to your accommodation or university on arrival to the UK from the following airports:

  • London Heathrow
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham

We will quote you the exact amount so will know the how much to pay the taxi when you arrve at your destination

Travel Maps and Guides:

A range of travel information will be available at our offices. You will be able to access these once you have paid the booking fee

Travel guides, maps and information given to students based on their destination city. Students will be given a folder which includes tube maps, bus timetables, famous site leaflets


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