At BCIE we understand that investing in your education is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you will be making. As such our staff have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that can help guide you along your path.

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Latest FAQs

Student Visa Applicationsshow

Will you help me get my student visa to enable me to study?

We will guide you through the entire visa application process, and should you follow our advice to the letter, you will have a more than 98% chance of securing the visa. Our members of staff are not only well trained, but have vast experience in advising students on visa applications.

Student Visa Applicationsshow

How long would it take for me to get my visa?

If you were applying to Canada, it could take 4 to 5 months to get a response, and if your application is to Australia, it could take between 4 to 6 weeks, Dubai takes only about one month, the UK 3 weeks and USA is based on appointments. The time frame differs among countries, but what is important to you as a student is to ensure that you give yourself enough time, by applying early. Avoid the risk of last minute applications by applying for the course and paying the fee deposit as early as possible. This will also ensure that you give yourself enough time to prepare the documents and meet other requirements for the visa application.


What are the advantages of using BCIE?

BCIE offers you a comprehensive package of services that will take you from deciding what and where to study, to finally arriving at your carefully selected university. We will assist you with deciding on what and where to study, help with putting in the application, provide you with information on tuition fees and living expenses as well as on financial aid available, on accommodation and importantly provide visa counseling. We will also provide you with a pre-departure briefing. We will ensure that the process is as seamless as possible for you, as we do all the worrying and chasing up for you. Remember – we have direct links with all of our network universities.
Here are some main advantages of using BCIE:

  1. The best chances of getting the study place you want
  2. 98% visa success rate
  3. 100% free support – at every step and every level
  4. Your application documents checked by experts
  5. Personalised service detailing advice on accommodation, applications, visas, pre-departure, English tests, scholarships etc
  6. State of the art offices in the best and most convenient locations
  7. Several University visit to the BCIE offices to allow you to meet directly with the university representatives from UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Dubai
  8. The closest links with universities
  9. Up to date advice on the availability of scholarships.

English Language Testshow

Do the Universities accept any other type of English test other than the IELTS, TOEFL, PEARSONS and TOEIC?

Yes, some of the universities do organise internal English exams for their students who do not meet the UKBA English requirements. These tests are also accepted by the UKBA. Kindly contact the BCIE offices to get more detail on these Universities.

English Language Testshow

What is the minimum IELTS or TOEFL score required to get into a UK institution?

Different Universities have different requirements on this. Some for that matter do not require any IELTS or SELT. Contact our offices for the most up to date information on the University you are interested in.

English Language Testshow

Why write an English test when I come from an English speaking country?

This is a little tricky because in most cases it could be a course requirement or the High Commission’s requirement. This is not applicable in all cases so our counsellors will advise you if you need it in your case.

English Language Testshow

Is GRE, GMAT and SAT a requirement for UK universities?

It is a not a basic requirement for UK universities. One or two may require GMAT for the MBA entry but it is not a basic requirement for all universities.

Application Processshow

What are the application turnaround times?

This differs from school to school. Your application will be forwarded the day you complete all requirements. The turnaround time could range from 24 hours to 4 weeks.

Application Processshow

Can I do a Master’s programme with HND or Third class?

Yes you can, but you usually would have to do a pre master’s programme or equivalent first before you can progress to do the master’s course. However, there are exceptional cases where students with rich work experience for a considerable number of years have done the masters without the premasters. Contact our offices so they can discuss your individual cases with you and ensure that you are getting onto the best course option available.


How are universities ranked?

Rankings are based on subjectively perceived "quality", or on some combination of empirical statistics, or on surveys of educators, scholars, students, prospective students or others.  There are several types of rankings so be careful that you are looking at the correct one for your needs. The BCIE offices can guide you on this.


What are the student accommodation options for international students?

There are two main choices - Halls of residence or private flats and houses. Halls of residence are University/College owned international student accommodation (full board or self catering).  Or a student can stay in a rented flat or house. Private accommodation - is typically a room in a house or a flat shared with other students.

Application Processshow

Can I choose what subjects I study?

Yes, you are free to study whatever subjects are on offer in your University. All Universities offer a wide range of subjects to study. But some programmes require a prerequisite knowledge so you must meet the basic entry requirements


Do I have to pay all the fees before getting the visa or travelling?

No. You do not have to pay all before travelling to the school. Most Universities have installment plans, but it goes with deadlines so we will have to ensure you pay within the dates given. Most Universities will, however, give a discount for early payment, if full fees are paid before the beginning of the first semester or a given date. Contact our offices so they can discuss your individual cases with you. Note also that each University will have its own ‘Deposit’ policy and you will usually have to pay the required deposit before you can apply for a visa.

Student Visa Applicationsshow

Can I be refused a visa or is the visa automatic?

If you comply with BCIE on the visa application, it will be out of the ordinary for you to get a visa refusal. In the rare event where the application is unduly rejected, BCIE will assist you through the administrative review.  We have a professional section in charge of Visa counselling, BCIE also organise Visa counselling seminars in order to assist the students, guide them and keep them informed with the latest news.


My University has refused to give me a copy of my transcript. Do I give them the address of the University in the UK where I am applying to study so that they courier the transcript there?

You can give them the office address of the BCIE branch where you application is being handled for them to scan a copy of the transcript to the University you are applying to. We work closely with our universities such that we can certify copies of your transcripts once we have sighted the originals.  This helps to speed up the whole process for you.


What is the benefit of studying in UK?

There are many benefits of studying in the UK. The UK has a long tradition of quality and internationally recognized education. As a student, you also get to experience a multi-cultural and diverse study atmosphere as the UK is a study destination for students from around the world. The biggest benefit is the time. Qualifications in UK are finished earlier than in other countries. It takes just 1 year to complete your Postgraduate studies and 3 years for Undergraduate qualifications.


Is it expensive to study in the UK?

Making the decision to study is an investment with life-long consequences, and in so far as the returns on the initial investment will be much higher, with much better job prospects and a worldwide network of contracts, then we cannot say that it is expensive!  


Do universities provide work placement?

Yes some universities do provide work placement, especially in fields related to IT and technology. However, you have to apply for it to be considered for this option. The placements are usually paid work periods with companies. Some universities also charge a placement fee if you are interested in this option.


What is the duration of studying in the UK?

A typical undergraduate degree in the UK is 3 years, while a postgraduate degree is 1 year. However, we have universities that offer 2 – year fast track undergraduate degree programmes. There are also top-up undergraduate programmes lasting one year for students who may have previous professional qualifications, ordinary and national diplomas, or extensive relevant work experience.


What is the benefit of studying in Australia?

Australia is becoming a popular destination for international students. Students can get an internationally recognised degree from Australia and there are many other study options available such as diplomas, and degrees. The foremost benefit now is that upon completing your qualification in Australia, you can apply for PSW.


What are my chances of getting a good job and settling down in Australia after studying?

There are many Job opportunities in Australia and you are virtually guaranteed to get a good job after studying. The current laws in Australia allow you to apply for the Post Study Work visa which allows you to stay on after the completion of your degree to work. Contact your local BCIE offices for more detail on the Post Study Work Visa.


What is the PSW?

PSW or Post Study Work is a new initiative by the Australian government which allows an International student to work after completing their studies in Australia. There are requirements that a student needs to fulfill before getting a PSW. A student needs to study a minimum of 2 years in Australia in order to be eligible for PSW. For more detailed advice on this important initiative, please visit your local BCIE office.


Why should I choose to study in Canada?

When you study in Canada, you will earn qualifications that are recognised and respected the world over. You will become part of a diverse, welcoming and vibrant society that offers you a unique cultural experience in a safe and beautiful environment.  In addition, there are many Post Study work opportunities.


What are my chances of getting a good job and settling down in Canada after studying?

There are many Job opportunities in Canada and you are virtually guaranteed to get a job after studying. The current laws in Canada allow you to apply for the permanent residency after working in Canada for a certain number of years. Contact your local BCIE offices for more detail on this.


Will I get to stay back after my studies?

You will be given three (3) months after your course completion date after which, you will be expected to return to your home country. However, should you be interested in staying back, given genuine reasons like an employer willing to support you, then it is a possibility, most of our Universities and Colleges will help you to find a job on graduating.


Is it true that Canada is very cold?

Coming from a tropical climate, you will certainly feel the difference in terms of weather. However, the infrastructure is built for cold such as having underground facilities and heated rooms so you will be ok!


Why should I study in the US? 

Statistics show that there are over 700,000 international students currently studying the in the USA, and some of the reasons that attracted these students there are diverse – for example, the USA offers some of the world’s finest higher education facilities especially in the fields of technology, opportunities for research, flexible course curriculum as well as a wider range of financial assistance.  The US is also renowned for its research opportunities, flexible curriculum and financial assistance.


Hello, I am 34yrs old and would like to go for an undergraduate program in the USA.  How do I proceed with getting an admission?

Unfortunately your age will not permit you to be granted a student visa to study in the USA. Every case is different so do contact your local BCIE offices for more advice. It is advisable that once you are above 17yrs for foundation or 21yrs for undergraduate or 25yrs for Masters that you try out other places like the UK, Canada or Dubai where there's no age restriction.


Where can I study in the US?

The USA is a vast country, with huge varieties in each state including in climate and even time zones. With over 7,000 higher education institutions offering hundreds of different courses, you will not be short of choice on where and what to study!

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