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06 Jul 2017Bangor University achieves TEF Gold

Bangor University is proud to announce that we achieved a Gold Award, the highest rating possible, in the national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). Bangor University is the only University in Wales to achieve this standard. The framework assesses universities against a range of criteria and is part of the UK government’s plans for raising standards in higher education. It also gives students more information so that they can make the most informed decisions when deciding which university to attend.
Based on the evidence available, the TEF Panel judged that Bangor University delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. It is of the highest quality found in the UK. Universities are assessed across three main categories, Teaching Quality, Learning Environment and Student Outcomes & Learning Gain.
Bangor University has consistently scored highly on our Teaching Quality and students satisfaction rates over the last 5 years and the TEF result re-enforces this message confirming the strong teaching & learning environment that we can offer our students.


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