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Griffith University-Top 100 Future Leaders Future leaders in Australia


Griffith University scientist named Australian of the Year
• Emeritus Professor Alan Mackay-Sim, Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery

2016 Financial Planning Australia Awards
• FPA Financial Planner of the Year
• University Student of the Year
• Paraplanner of the Year

2016 Top100 Future Leaders
• 10 students in top 100
• 3 category winners

English Australia award winners
• English Australia 2016 conference, GELI staff received two national awards related to language support: the John Gallagher Memorial Bursary Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to ELICOS, and the English Australia/ETS TOEFL Award for Innovation for the HELP Yourself Resources

There is a new field for the subject rankings of hospitality and leisure management and we rank as #1 in Australia. The great news is that we are #9 in the world! We've also moved up into the top 50 for development studies, and up to 46 in the world for performing arts. Overall there are only 3 Australian universities in the top 50 for performing arts: #1 Melbourne, #2 UWA and #3 Griffith.
We've maintained our top 50 ranking in Nursing and we're still #1 in QLD. We've also maintained our top 100 rankings in law, education, politics and international studies, social policy and admin, architecture/built environment and art and design. Communication and media studies has also moved into the top 150. There are also quite a few areas where we have now moved into the top 300 as well.


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