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05 Mar 2018University of Hull to Lead Europe Wide Project

A €3.8m research project spearheaded by the University of Hull will explore how to create a more sustainable and economically robust environment with the minimisation of waste generation at its heart.The European-funded Horizon 2020 project, called Cresting, will look into the aspects of a regenerative system known as a Circular Economy, which is designed to enhance efficiency of resources used to provide goods and services, with related impacts on business, government, the economy and the environment.
An alternative to the traditional linear ‘make, use and dispose’
model, a Circular Economy aims to use resources for as long as possible then dispose of these responsibly, reuse them or recycle the materials.The project will see 15 early career researchers recruited to universities across Europe. They will be trained in cutting-edge analysis of circular economy practices already in existence with the aim of turning this assessment into lessons for managing a transformation to a circular economy.Academic partners in the project are at the University of Hull this week for the inaugural workshop, with recruitment under way for researchers.
By the end, the project will have delivered 15 highly skilled
individuals with an unparalleled understanding about how a circular economy works, able to inform and advise on future policy.
The project will look at, among other things, to what extent circular economy practices are already occurring in the public and private sectors and what the environmental, social and economic implications of developing a circular economy are.
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