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James Cook University (00117J) Brisbane Campus

James Cook University (00117J) Brisbane Campus

James Cook University Brisbane is recognised for excellence in learning innovation and cutting edge Work-Integrated Learning programs

James Cook University Brisbane Campus is a modern high rise building, centrally located in the Central Business District (CBD) located on Queen Street.  Students have access to study space, computer stations, high speed internet and WiFi, leisure and activity rooms, all within walking distance of the riverfront, Queen Street's main shopping mall, city library and the many shops, parks and cafes that our beautiful city has to offer. The campus is easily accessible via the many forms of public transport which is heavily discounted to students.

Brisbane is Australia's New World City; with a diverse multi-cultural population of 1.8 million, making Brisbane a centre of creativity and invention.  The city provides students with forward-thinking educational providers and world-class research facilities all in a sub-tropical climate ideal for an outdoor lifestyle.

Sense of Family
JCU Brisbane is renowned for its friendliness and sense of family. You will enjoy a supportive study environment, highly qualified lecturers with industry experience and a welcoming atmosphere that emphasises personal contact between students and staff.

Unique to the Brisbane Campus, Joblinx is an independent recruitment agency co-located within the Brisbane Campus.  Solely assisting current and graduated James Cook University Brisbane Students with part time / graduate and employment solutions.

Trimester System
Our academic calendar caters for three study periods beginning in March, July and November. This arrangement allows students to typically complete more subjects per year than a standard semester program operating at many other Australian universities.  JCU Brisbane is the only JCU campus in Australia to operate a trimester model.

This model enables you to complete your degree faster, join the workforce sooner and save on living costs incurred with longer degree programs.

Dean's Academic Award
The Deans Academic Award is specifically designed for students enrolled at the JCU Brisbane Campus.

The awards commenced in November 2012 and each award is a monetary award available for all current enrolled and eligible students.

The Dean's Academic Awards will give all JCU Brisbane campus students the opportunity to improve their Grade Point Average (GPA) throughout their stay at JCU Brisbane and ultimately and hopefully be eligible to compete for a JCU university medal.

Additional Information

Available Courses

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Business Analysis/ Computing
  • Business Information Systems
  • Business Information Tech
  • Business Management
  • Business Studies/ Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Economics and Business
  • Economics and Finance
  • Information Technology Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Travel and Tourism
  • MBA
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